To withdraw your planning permission or not?

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July 3, 2017
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February 23, 2018

To withdraw your planning permission or not?

Waiting patiently on your answer from the planning office can be a stressful time.
Your 7 weeks in and then you get that dreaded telephone call from your Planning Authority advising you to withdraw you application because they are going to refuse because they are not happy with a particular section of your design. THE LAST THING you want to do is to withdraw it as, it still means another application (8 week process), plus the time it takes you to amend your drawings. So allow 10 weeks to get back to this point and the officer delegated to your case has forgotten your conversation, the conversation that you remember word by word, because of the effect it has on your life.

If you withdraw your application, then they do not have to do a report, stating the reasons that they are not happy. It is better for you to say that you are not withdrawing. Then you have the officers report stating what he is not happy with. It is a lot easier to then resubmit your new drawing with the amendments requested by the planning officer. This way you have a better case next time around because you can prove you have addressed all his concerns.

It is a lot easier than trying to fight them, regurgitating the telephone conversation that you had with the officer 10 weeks ago.
Also you will find that officers move on to another authority frequently and you could have a different officer on your next application. At least you have a paper trail form the previous officer and to a certain degree, the planning office has told you this is what they want and it is harder for them to go back on what the office have said.

Good luck to you all

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