There are countless reasons to extend your property. We provide the means.

Are you happy with the area you live in, but feel that your home is lacking in space? Perhaps you are looking to increase your property value before you put your house on the market. You may even be expecting a new family member and are in need of an extra bedroom.

There are plenty of reasons to extend your property, not to mention countless ways in which to do it. Adding an extra room to the house is just one option. You can also use an extension to significantly develop existing spaces within your home. A large farmhouse-style open-plan kitchen is always a hit among prospective buyers, as is a spacious master bedroom or living room.

Navigating planning permission for an extension can be notoriously tricky, but when you’re working with someone that knows the business inside out, it doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves on the time and care we put into ensuring our plans comply fully with every necessary building regulation provided by the local authorities. This means there’s less time spent worrying about obtaining planning permission and more time to complete—and enjoy—the project coming to fruition.

Absolute Building Structures offer extensions to clients across Hertfordshire and further afield. Call us today on 01582 620 281 for an obligation-free chat about our options and to book an expert survey of your property.

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Extending your property doesn’t have to be a hassle—call us today to make your house a home